Robert MacHarrie

Learn to Code from Home (for Free)

by Robert MacHarrie 05/31/2020

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

No matter where your career may take you, having the ability to code is valuable. Companies in all industries need websites and blogs to keep up with their marketing goals. If you have coding capabilities, it can help you bring something more to the table. Thankfully, coding is something you can easily learn on your own, and for free from home. Here are some resources to check out.

1. Code Academy

Code Academy has courses that cover everything from basic website development to HTML and SQL. This platform will teach you your chosen coding language from scratch. Its free program has 180 hours of content, and you can upgrade to a more in-depth option with 1,800 hours of content, depending on your needs.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy has free web-based learning modules that cover SQL, HTML, JS, and CSS. This coding course has multiple one-hour tutorials that teach through direct user engagement and video-based courses. It's entirely free, and students are given a platform to share their knowledge with fellow students through the platform to encourage group learning opportunities.

3. Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp has created a camp-like online community that helps you learn to code. All coding challenges take place in a group setting, and you receive guidance as you go through the coding process. This option teaches JavaScript, Node.js, Git, GitHub, HTML5 and CSS3. One benefit of Free Code Camp is an extensive community chatroom that helps you get help when you need it as you learn to code.

4. Codewars

Codewars is a fun-based learning platform that helps you learn to code using popular programming languages like JavaScript, Java, Ruby, Python and Clojure, among others. The program puts forth different challenges in a game-like format. You will earn points called honor by performing challenges called katas. The game-based learning environment makes Codewars fun, but you will learn quite a bit as you go through the process. Once you get going, you can develop your own katas for other developers to try, bringing a sense of community to the game.

5. HackerRank

If over a million programmers use a platform, it must be effective, and HackerRank holds this distinction. Like Codewars, HackerRank lets you earn points for solving coding problems. This is a program that encourages you to learn as you work through problems, so you won't find video lessons here. If you already have some basic coding skills, it can help you hone them, or if you learn best by doing, it can help you get started.

Explore a new skill, like coding, to bring new value to the table at work and potentially find a new source of income.